1. Maggi

    Maggi products help bring out the best in every meal. They offer quick and easy solutions - like bouillons, soups, seasonings and sauces - to aid cooking and add flavor. Read More
  2. Nescafe Classic

    NESCAFÉ Classic is a classic choice. Flavoring and lasting, NESCAFÉ Classic is the absolute type of coffee. Read More
  3. Nescafe Xpress

    What is your soul? Drink Nescafe Xpress ® to find it. Read More
  4. Nesquik Cereals

    Nesquik cereal is the only cereal with the irresistible taste of Nesquik chocolate in every bite. Kids love it. The delicious balls of chocolate corn and rice in Nesquik cereal will ensure your kids want breakfast. It is made with the goodness of whole grain, and the benefit of eight essential minerals, iron and calcium. Read More
  5. Fitness Cereals

    Feel great. Look great. Fitness breakfast cereal provides a sensible, great-tasting start to the day. Delicious flakes made with whole grains, important vitamins and minerals. Read More
  6. Kit Kat

    A perfect snack to enjoy as part of a balanced diet. Read More
  7. Nescafe Cappuccino

    The new range of NESCAFÉ Cappuccino delightfully overwhelms your senses, and relaxes you more than anything. Read More
  8. Nescafe Gold Blend

    NESCAFÉ Gold Blend, a coffee as valuable as every moment in your life! Read More
  9. Nescafe Dolce Gusto

    Unique design, sophisticated technology & quality beyond compromises, to enjoy all your favorite beverages throughout the day! Read More
  10. Nescafe 3 in 1

    With Nescafe Classic 3 in 1 it’s now amazingly easy to make the perfect coffee with milk and sugar! Each single serve sachet has the right balance of coffee, milk and sugar so you get a creamy and sweet tasting coffee every time. Read More
  11. Buondi Espresso

    BUONDI is synonymous with quality and style around the world – it is simply the best espresso coffee. Read More
  12. Lion

    Awakens the LION in you ! Wafer filled with delicious caramel and tasty chocolate. Read More
  13. Maggi gel boullion

    New bouillon in gel form that easily melts in the heart of food,giving a genuine taste and flavor to any dish; in a special capsule of ease use, that simply push. Read More
  14. Maggi Noodles

    Very easy to cook, very tasteful and with a few calories. Every package contains a portion; you can choose your preferred among three flavors. Read More
  15. Maggi crispy

    Two new ways of cooking chicken. Choose among classic or spicy flavors to prepare a special meal for your family or friends. Read More

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