1. Boss

    One of the most famous brands of Nestle Ice cream, with classic flavors Vanilla- Chocolate and Almonds, as well as double tastes Strawberries & Caramel Caramel. This year comes in the Albanian market with new flavor: Boss toffee Almond. Read More
  2. Magnum

    Magnum is a well-known brand, youthful and trendy for all those who seek new experiences! Read More
  3. Nirvana

    Super premium ice cream, rich caramel. You will find it in family and personal packs. Read More
  4. Nesquik

    Milk and vanilla ice cream; Childrens most favorite, under the famous brand, NESQUIK. Read More
  5. Maxibon

    Maxibon is a type of ice cream sanduich made by Nestle. It consists of a block of ice cream containing small chocolate chips with one end covered in chocolate, and the other sandwiched between two biscuits. Read More
  6. Ardo products

    The frozen vegetables Ardo are products with a high quality. The company is one of the important in Europe and now it is present in the Albanian market with its range of products which include frozen vegetables and fruits. Read More
  7. LambWeston

    LambWeston comes in the Albanian market with frozen potatoes and its sub products produced mostly for the Horeca market, but also for the families. Read More
  8. Pirulo ice-cream

    Pirulo is the new banana-shaped ice-cream for children. You can undress it as a banana, and you can also eat its skin. Read More

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