1. EveryDay

    Complete range of sanitary napkins and panty liners with excellent quality and innovative product features. Offers not only top absorbency levels, but also exceptional skin friendly properties. Read More
  2. Babylino Sensitive

    Babylino Sensitive diapers have been designed with carefully-selected materials of certified friendliness to baby skin, to provide proven care and certified protection. Read More
  3. Deus

    The premium detergent, DEUS, is created as a result of the synergy of long-term research, latest technology, the experience of famous experts and collaboration with world renowned producers of raw materials. Read More
  4. Duel

    DUEL powder detergents are produced with the most modern technology from the company Beohemija Inhem in Serbia. Duel detergent washes at low temperatures, prevents fading of colors and does not damage fabrics. Read More
  5. Duel softener

    DUEL softeners are manufactured under the most rigorous quality standards and have a wonderful aroma and extraordinary performance. Read More
  6. Spin

    SPIN is the washing liquid created with better quality raw materials, to bring something different to customers. SPIN focuses on making dish washing easy, quick and with the best results. Read More
  7. Babycare

    BabyCare baby wipes range has been specially designed for the varying needs of different baby skin types, even the highly sensitive ones. Read More
  8. Spin Oligogeline

    Spin Oligogeline: effectiveness in cleaning and protection of the hands (2 in 1) Read More
  9. Bella Soft

    Bella Soft products are for daily usage wherever you are. With a high quality paper, you can choose among the different varieties of types and fragrances. Read More
  10. Babylino BabyGo

    Babylino Sensitive BabyGo pants with chamomile extracts uniquely combine effective protection, comfort and skin friendliness. Read More
  11. Bella Soft special edition

    Economic napkins and toilet paper manufactured from 100 % cellulose , without colors and chemicals. Bella Soft Special Edition is the best choice for your family! Read More

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