Duel softener

     DUEL softeners are manufactured under the most rigorous quality standards and have   a wonderful aroma and extraordinary performance. They make ironing easier and neutralize static.They enrich fabrics by making them special thanks to the perfect tenderness.

     They are one of the most prefered products by consumers. All the fragrances are elegant, unique, enjoyable and last in the wet as well as well the dry. DUEL now has a new ergonomic  bottle  design and modern packaging. 


     DUEL Heavenly: Refreshing aroma! It gives your clothes irresistible freshness that lasts.


     Duel Pure Cashmere: The sophisticated oriental aroma of floral Kashmir provides a feeling of maximum tenderness and full care.


     Duel Baby Care: Dermatological tests in laboratory conditions and have proven that Baby Care does not irritate babies’ skin. It refreshes their clothes and makes them soft without irritating their sensitive skin. The lasting sweet aroma of Baby Care is in full compliance with IFRA standards, and does not contain allergic substances, which ensures and confirms the quality of this product.


     Duel Summer Dream: The tempting reach of the stunning East ! It makes your clothes radiate elegance and freshness.


     Duel Sky Blue: Strong tempting aroma! The power of this fragrance provides a new dimension of aroma in your clothes.

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