DUEL powder detergents are produced with the most modern technology from the company Beohemija Inhem in Serbia. Duel detergent washes at low temperatures, prevents fading of colors and does not damage fabrics.

     A high-quality detergent does not change the color of the clothes even after 25 successive washing. Softness of the clothes together with pleasant fragrances is the "seal" of a good detergent. Duel meets all these conditions.

Duel detergents contain carefully selected aroma, active oxygen-based bleaching, agents for softening the water and at the same time they guarantee efficient washing by significantly reducing detergent consumption.

     The improvement of current products resulted in detergents with a new formula that is used at temperatures from 30 º C to 95 º C for all kinds of fabrics, except wool and silk; While the content of some specific components increases, the efficiency of stain removal even at low temperatures increases as well.

Duel is available in packages of 500 grams, 3, 6 and 9 kg.

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