Spring Nepravishta, Natural Oligonimeral Water

Feel the spring in your body




Nothing is left to coincidence in a bottle of Spring Natural Oligomineral Water. Every single drop of water, selected for the clarity, purity, and freshness of the famous source of Nepravishta is collected with much love and care.

Agna Group felt the need to add premium water to its products’ portfolio. The market study conducted by OnTime Concept showed that customers are very interested in high quality products, just as they are in paying attention to the packaging and design. Consumers actively participated in every single step of the creation of Spring Water, including water testing, bottle design, name selection, and label design.


Spring is a premium-quality water, both in content and appearance. It originates from the famous source of Nepravishta and is bottled at the Glina factory, which has both ISO 9001 and 22000 Certification.


     This certification confirms the Glina plant products’ compliance with International Food & Drink Safety Management standards.







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