Buondi Espresso

     BUONDI people. People who live life in full colour, who move to their own beat, who socialise till sunrise and who seize only the BEST life has to offer. The BUONDI experience awakens the senses, creates moments and stirs a passion within people for a coffee to match the way they live and feel. 

     The BUONDI coffee brand was created by Montarroio Coffee Company in 1986 and was then bought by Nestlé in 1993. From then on this passionate and bold coffee brand was roasted and packed at the Nestlé factory at S. Mamede Infesta, Porto, Portugal.

     Now BUONDI is synonymous with quality and style around the world – it is simply the best espresso coffee. Its brand personality attracts people with a like-minded attitude towards life: fun, intense, vibrant and social yet modern, relaxed, elegant and refined. Every cup of BUONDI is an exceptional experience that awakens the senses and stirs a passion within people.

     Buondi Prestige: The exquisite Arabica from the fresh climates meet the best Robusta from Africa and Asia creating a coffee with great aroma and optimum, perfumed flavour.

Perfect for those who enjoy the best things in life. 

     Buondi Gold: Strong, aromatic and intense.

Complete with all tonic qualities of the Robusta and the subtle aroma of the best Arabica.

A preciousness for those who enjoy the best things in life

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